Twins in the studio, Newborn Photographer Castle Hill

Being a mother of twins I know how bless parents are to have 2 healthy beautiful babies and these parents have also been blessed with 3 daughters.

These 2 gorgeous babies had a few rough weeks but showed just how strong they will be in life by growing and developing there strength.

I had the pleasure of capturing this family and creating some stunning images of the girls for mum and dad to treasure forever

Twin session ca be a challenge but this session was a breeze maybe its because Im a baby whisper ha ha no its because they are loved by calm and caring family the keeps them calm and happy.

Big thanks for booking your newborn twins session with us at Life Cycle Images we are so blessed to have you in our studio. I do hope your images give you so many memorise for years to come.

Be sure to watch our little Behind the scenes video to give you have quick insight on the session.


A little behind the scenes from this beautiful twin session


My heart melts this images is what every mumma should have on there wall so much love right there….

Twins can be more relaxed snuggling each other like they did in the womb


Its really important that each baby get there own standout shots in there session, we always remember they are still individuals.

These 2 are so content and happy. They loved getting there photo taken