This new little family just melt my heart. I love how this big brother holds his new little brother with so much care and love, it really melts my heart.

If you ever ask the question why get newborn photos?

Then this is why… Just look through these images and you will see how capturing your children and there love it the best felling your will ever get.

Knowing that I can capture these moments and knowing that this will never be forgotten by their parents  is the best feeling.

As a mother of 18 year old and 16 yo twins I more than anyone know how easy it is to forget  how small they are and the only times I remember the most now are those Ive capture in photos, thankfully i do have many now…

If you are wanting to book in your newborn session its a good time to do when pregnant that why you will be sure you dont miss out on a spot.

I have a beautiful studio in Castle Hill is design for newborn and maternity photography. I do specialise in newborn photography so when you book all my energy goes into your session and your session only on that day I do not multiple

book sessions its really important that my images are perfect so you are get high quality work.

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This is one of the nicest families I have had the pleasure to meet.

Welcome to the studio Miss Harmony, oh how yummy you are.

Harmony is every photographers dream baby she is a chubba bubba and you just cant get enough of her. Her chubby cheeks and thighs will melt your heart.

We did have way to much fun in this session mum and dad are just as fun as the 3 girls. Yes thats right poor dad is out numbered by women and you know what he is in his element and is doing a fantastic job and I can see loving every minute.

Capturing the 3 girls was a bit of work but it did pay off, its always hard trying to make a 2 year old sit and keep the attention of a older sibling as well, but lucky I like a challenge and love sibling shots.

I think I used every colour I could find in this session and little harmony nailed very shot and every colour Im so in love with so many of these images I could pick a fav. I really did get my newborn floral on.


Big thanks to Karen from Adi Mc Ava Props for this amazing basket you really do have the best props in the world.

For those wanting to book please head over to my Home page for my Prices and Packages Im also running an amazing special at the moment when you book a newborn/family session so head over and see.

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Ohhh…. After doing this little guys mumma’s maternity session she mention its was Year of the Dog. So I was on the chase to find a puppy bonnet and thanks to an amazing vender Love that Prop she whipped up this cute little puppy bonnet its soft and cute… This little guy was an absolute gem throughout his whole session and you will be amazing to see how many gorgeous images I captured of this cute little guy. He also has an adorable big brother that just nailed every shot with his new little brother. I can see these 2 boys being best of friends for the rest of there life… To see the full post head over to my website and click on Blog you will love all the images. Big thanks to mum and dad for allowing me to capture this time for you it really is a privilege.


Woof woof how cute is this…

So we did a maternity session for this little guys mumma and she was telling me it was year of the dog and that she would love a puppy bonnet, me being a lover of doggies

thought it was a brilliant idea however from all my bonnets of bunnies, bears, reindeer and many more I realised I didn’t have a puppy bonnet.

To the rescue was Love That Prop , thanks so much Shirls you have always been such a great vendor to work with and your work is always on point.


So with my new bonnet ready for the session I could not wait to share this image of Joshua Thomas who is looking super dooper cute I really dont think I could have had a better newborn

to wear this little bonnet.

Joshua Thomas was such an angel through out his session we were able to capture some amazing images for i=him and his big brother who is also super dooper cute, so stay tune for

some images of those 2.

If you pregnant or a friend is make sure you pass on my details I do have an amazing offer at the moment if you book a newborn/family session you will receive a free mini maternity session worth $599 this is for limited time.

I cant wait to finish editing this gallery and Im really looking forward to sharing more newborn and family photos with you all so stay turned.




As a photographer one of the most exciting things is to watch your families grow, for this family I have been lucky enough to capture all three of there boys.

Over the past 7 years Ive been photographing this gorgeous family each of there beautiful boys were amazing babies in there session.

I really do fell so luck to be part of there first weeks and now Im a mother of mini adults I now capture there babies for them to enjoy how small there where and never forget there first weeks

is without out a doubt the most important thing in life. I say this because I have never ever regretted spending time or effort  or money on capturing my children via image and

having photos to look at now will always stop me in my tracks and smile as I look back at how lucky I was to have such beautiful children. So I really do hop this is what I give to all my families that come into my studio in years to come.

Photography is really the best way to keep your memories alive I forget so many things in life but the times Ive capture my children by photo I never gorget its fresh in my mind the day it happens so take as many photos of your children you can even if its with your phones or professionally just get them you will not regret it.


Big thanks to Joseph and Julia for allowing me to capture all your boys images. You really do have the cutest, happiest, and well behaved little man, I absolutely adore them

Thank you!