Im always thankful, flattered and privilege to have so many clients wanting to capture their newborn baby photos.

So when Im asked by another photographer to capture hers I have to say it very humbling.

As a photographer in a industry thats creative and ever changing I really dont think you ever master it

you get better at what you do but you do develop everyday and session. So we tend to be our own worse critic which is never a bad thing becasue from this

it has without a doubt made me a much better photographer. So when Im asked to photographer another photographers baby it really does give you a

feel good feeling.

I 1st meet Michelle from Michelle Hamze Photographer at her maternity



Looooove my maternity sessions. I have to say a women is never more beautiful then when she is pregnant, Im not sure if its the glow of excitement

or the fact the she can amazingly grow a little being inside her but whatever it is, its not hard to capture true beauty.

The lovely Fiona was such a joy to work with. When she booked she was quite sure she wanted to include her little puppy dog. Gahhhh this little pooch

is to die for soooo tiny and cute and very well mannered he nearly convert me to being a pet photographer ;-).

So we started with the bold red it was a request of Fiona’s as its a lucky colour and China, this colour was lucky because she looked absolutely radiant in it, since this session

I have used the red every Maternity session I think Im addicted to it.

Once our red garment shots were done I moved onto some gorgeous backlighting with the soft lace and flowers I really do love shooting

like this I think it really capture how a mum to be looks when she is pregnant so soft and pure…

Maternity Photography is captured in between 23-26 weeks this is when mums to be tend to look their best, they are not to big or small and

dont tend to carry to much fluid. Any time after the 36 weeks the session can be done however its quite trying.

I like to book all my maternity sessions is so please book as early as possible.  I do try and remind women that pregnancy it one of the most life changing experiences that

a women can go through and how you look is forgotten so make sure you capture it or you will regret it, its a change that will never leave your heart and you will always want to remember.

I really couldn’t wait for this newborn baby to be born I absolutely love my asian babies.

This gorgeous lace top is from AR Bacdrops it just more than stunning..

This little puppy really does just melt my heart I want him 

Back Poncho by Drops and Props


Welcome to the Blog Stacey and Adam. You 2 are the cutest couple.

It really wasn’t hard to capture the love in this session, I really do believe if your man can make you laugh you and feel safe then you

have meet your soul mate. Every time Stacey looked at Adam she would just smile.

You cant pose love it but you can capture it, which is what I did at this session. It’s not hard to look at each of these images and see by looking at their eye how happy they are together.

I really cant wait for the wedding day the venue looks amazing, I know Adam and Stacey are going to be so much fun and so happy it

really will be a treat to capture the day.



Welcome to the Blog, this is the Christening that has it all, form a very loving family to a beautiful ceremony, style plus and a beautiful baby.

I do so many Greek Christening, I really do love the service so many traditions and each and every baby has his or her own ceremony which just makes the service so special.

This day was fill with so many smiling face from family and friends and why wouldn't

it be, everyone enjoying it full of sunshine down at Ecco Ristorante  over looking the water, everyone enjoying a feast and celebrating of their new loves Christening.

This gorgeous little girls mumma styled this wonderful Christening with absolutely amazing flowers and cakes. I have captured so many Christenings and they never sees to amaze

me but this was like walking into a pastel world of the most pretty blooms you have every seen and the Cake were so classically divine Im just so glad Im a photographer

and I got to capture it.

This little cutie pie was not to fazed by the whole experience a few tears here and there but quite happy to be looking around entertain by the whole experience.

She wore a traditional gown that was magnificent, silk and lace so divine, cutest little matching bonnet she was truly a very pretty traditional yet modern little baby.

Bless you little heart baby girl and I wish this lovely family so much happiness.

Im available for Christenings all year round if you would like to enquire about my Christening Photography package please

fill in contact from or email me at

These flowers cakes and the way it styled wow such a pretty sight. Every girl dreams of pretty and Im sure this is what they dream. what sets it off it this gorgeous little face framed with all these blooms.


This mumma is to beautiful for words not only did I have the pleasure in capturing her looking ever so beautiful I also will be able to deliver her images of one of the most treasured moments in her life.

This session was a combined Maternity Session and 1:1 Mentoring session. Helping this new photographer into the industry was such a rewarding experience for me. Not only did I get to share my ways of capture

memories but I got to meet a lovely lady, that I will now be friends with for years to come.

When I started Photography I never dreamed I would be teaching others in the industry on day or that I would have people inspired by my work this is with out a doubt one if the most surreal and humbling experience anyone

on have. This is a industry that you never do stop learning and that we can give so much to each other by helping them find they own style.

Michelle I really cant wait for bubba newborn session Im really looking forward to seeing you again and working with you.

Capturing a natural beautiful smile is what every women want and this gorgeous girl was not hard to get to smile.

Indoor Maternity Photography is just as much as a passion as outdoor. I love the fresh clean feel each image has, betraying a pureness of maternity.

Thats what I really do try and capture is how pure pregnancy is…

Why do I love flowing material in pretty much all of my sessions, thats easy Maternity to me is being free of yourself and knowing that in not to long, you

will not worry about your own self in life and that your own priority will change that your No. 1 priority will now be your newborn. So I guess its kind of letting go and feeling free

from things that your worry about things that just dont matter…

This gorgeous gown is without a doubt one of my favourites I sourced it from  Baby in Vogue  its

not hard to see why I love it every mum to be is a goddess and this just gown just set it off.

Oh my oh my if only I looked this good pregnant… Not sure which part of this session is my favourite indoors or outdoor?

With a very over cast day and rain nearly setting in we were able to capture one of the best maternity session Ive done yet.

Thank you Michelle you really did work hard to get some gorgeous shots I really do hope it was well worth it for you.

For all enquires for Newborn or Maternity session please fill in contact. Maternity sessions are done between 32-34 weeks and newborns are done in the first 14 days.

Bookings are essential for all sessions.

  • March 17, 2015 - 4:52 am

    Michelle Hamze - You have made my day. Nicole Druce these images are something I will treasure forever. I’m in tears with how beautiful they are. You truly have captured this special time in your perfect unique way. I can not thank you enough for what you have given me and my growing family. Thank you so muchReplyCancel

    • March 17, 2015 - 10:40 am - Absolute pleasure Michelle I loved working with you and your family. You have a wonderful family and wish you all the best. Looking forward to the newborn session.ReplyCancel