I think everyone can see just by one image just how important it is to capture your babies first photography session when they are in their first 16 days….
Most people think babies this young are to small and not as cute as they are when they get older (3-6month) well Im here to say its not true! 
Newborns are truly amazing and the newborn look only last about 2 weeks then they change so much. Capturing this first 2 weeks is so important so you never forget this newborn look.
If you want to capture your newborn in the first 16 days so you can remember how small and cute they are and how peaceful they look whilst sleeping then make sure you book your session.
I do recommend you book when pregnant, when bubs is born we organise your session day. Booking are a great way to secure your spot so you dont miss out, as I only take so many newborn sessions a month. TO BOOK OR FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE


So excited to see this family in the studio again. Its been 17 months since our last newborn session and Im lucky enough to be able to capture their princess No. 2.

Meet Saige 13 Days old and her proud big sister Mihayla. I can a big feature for these 2 beautiful babies because the both just nailed there photo session.

Baby Saige is just divine even though she is a bit different to her big sister I can defiantly tell they are sisters and I can see they will be best friends for life… Good luck dad because these girls are going to be stunning. lol…

Both Saige and Mihayla have been gifted into a beautiful family filled with so much love. I know this family will have so many good times ahead and this beginning is just the start to a very very happy family life for all.

Big thanks to mum and dad for coming into the studio and allowing me to capture your beautiful babies xx


Perfect Day to blog a perfect little newborn girl…

Wowza this little pretty exceeded all my expectations. Not only is she divine looking but she really was the perfect baby to work with. I captured some truly beautiful images for her mum and dad to treasure for ever.

As for mum and dad well they are smitten by their new baby girl and I have to day seeing this new dad fuss over his newborn baby throughout the session was heart melting.

Big thank you to mum and dad for coming to our studio it really was a honour to capture baby Tara’s newborn photos. Hopefully I get to see her again in the future….

I have added a very short U tube video from the behind the scenes of Tara’s session it really is a beautiful little video…


What an adorable little guy… He posed so perfect throughout his newborn photo session. I loved every minute of this session hold him juts melted my heart.

In this photo session I just went from one pose to another without any problem, this mumma has nailed the newborn mum job. Thanks so much for brining little Henry to my studio, he is why I love my job so much.

The little froggy pose is a favourite but not always achievable but Henry slipped into the pose and fell fast asleep.

I wish mum and dad all the best and enjoy your beautiful little man.

Loving my little mint bucket by Adi McAva Vintage Props
Oh those relaxed little arms

Behind the Scenes of Victoria Newborn Photography Session at 10 days old.

So many women want a maternity photo shoot but just cant bring themselves to take the plug and do it…


This is one time in your life that you dont want to forget and ladies guess what everyone has floors or things they dont like about themselves and thats what our jobs as photographers is to either fix or pose in way that it wont stand out. So before you right off a pregnancy session because you thing you’ll look terrible dont, with some make up, your hair done my help with amazing gowns, lighting and photoshop skill I tell you you will look stunning and be so glad you did the session to remember this time of your life. Trust me you do forget what you looked like and like everything in life photos alway make time standout in your mind. The times I remember in life the most, are the times I captured in photos…


This gorgeous mumma to be looks so radiant waiting for her second baby girl to arrive.

Make sure you scroll down to see the newborn pics and dont forget to watch my behind the scenes video.



One of my favourite vintage maternity images 


Oh my this image below is a fav loving the pink and this gorgeous pink bucket by the lovely Karen at Adi Mc Ava Vintage Props

I do try and use fresh flower in my girlie session even when they are not in season

She is perfect from head to toes…