Newborn Photographer, Hills District Sydney

I think everyone can see just by one image just how important it is to capture your babies first photography session when they are in their first 16 days….
Most people think babies this young are to small and not as cute as they are when they get older (3-6month) well Im here to say its not true! 
Newborns are truly amazing and the newborn look only last about 2 weeks then they change so much. Capturing this first 2 weeks is so important so you never forget this newborn look.
If you want to capture your newborn in the first 16 days so you can remember how small and cute they are and how peaceful they look whilst sleeping then make sure you book your session.
I do recommend you book when pregnant, when bubs is born we organise your session day. Booking are a great way to secure your spot so you dont miss out, as I only take so many newborn sessions a month. TO BOOK OR FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE