A newborn addition to the family, {Newborn Photographer, North Sydney}

So excited to see this family in the studio again. Its been 17 months since our last newborn session and Im lucky enough to be able to capture their princess No. 2.

Meet Saige 13 Days old and her proud big sister Mihayla. I can a big feature for these 2 beautiful babies because the both just nailed there photo session.

Baby Saige is just divine even though she is a bit different to her big sister I can defiantly tell they are sisters and I can see they will be best friends for life… Good luck dad because these girls are going to be stunning. lol…

Both Saige and Mihayla have been gifted into a beautiful family filled with so much love. I know this family will have so many good times ahead and this beginning is just the start to a very very happy family life for all.

Big thanks to mum and dad for coming into the studio and allowing me to capture your beautiful babies xx