Epic Newborn Smile – {Sydney Baby Photography}

Oh WOW talk about happy babies lol. This little guy gave me the biggest smile a photographer could ask for maybe the biggest smile Ive captured and Im totally in love with this pic.

Capturing a smile in a newborn session is hit and miss they often smile just as your putting down the camera. As you can see this guy did it right on cue.


My newborn photo sessions are captured in the first 16 days when the babies are still really sleepy and very flexible still.

I do a great variety of poses and colours for all my clients and I make each session as unique as the baby.

I have been a newborn photographer for 10 year and this has given me an abundance of experience working with newborn and reading the body and facial signs and understanding there needs. The session take up to 3 hour given bubs plenty of time to settle or feed bubs basically whatever they need I work in with the newborn every session. When posing babies I practice with extreme care and the babies safety is my top priority in every session.

I you would like to book a recommend  you book in when pregnant I secure you a spot for your due date then once bubs is born I get you to call me and we can organise the actual photography day.

Bookings are essential if you dont want to miss a spot with me as some months book fast.


Big thanks to this little guys mum and dad for bring in your gorgeous baby boy Im totally in love with his images and hope you are too.