Big welcome to these amazing 3 little ones.

Such an adorable family and these little girls will melt your heart make sure you take the time to what the little interview we had with the big sisters they are so adorable and so excited about this new baby in their lives.

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Behind the scenes in Mason Newborn Photo Session – Castle Hills Studio




Being a mother of twins I know how bless parents are to have 2 healthy beautiful babies and these parents have also been blessed with 3 daughters.

These 2 gorgeous babies had a few rough weeks but showed just how strong they will be in life by growing and developing there strength.

I had the pleasure of capturing this family and creating some stunning images of the girls for mum and dad to treasure forever

Twin session ca be a challenge but this session was a breeze maybe its because Im a baby whisper ha ha no its because they are loved by calm and caring family the keeps them calm and happy.

Big thanks for booking your newborn twins session with us at Life Cycle Images we are so blessed to have you in our studio. I do hope your images give you so many memorise for years to come.

Be sure to watch our little Behind the scenes video to give you have quick insight on the session.


A little behind the scenes from this beautiful twin session


My heart melts this images is what every mumma should have on there wall so much love right there….

Twins can be more relaxed snuggling each other like they did in the womb


Its really important that each baby get there own standout shots in there session, we always remember they are still individuals.

These 2 are so content and happy. They loved getting there photo taken



Oh wow how lucky am I when I get to capture this gorgeous couple.

When you get a gorgeous mum to be like this you just cant go wrong. I have to say there is not an image from her gallery that I dont love they are all just stunning.



Im totally in love with this image this mumma is stunningĀ When you ask to flow fabric and it turns out like this you know your days going to be great šŸ™‚

Oh there is so much love for this baby and its not even arrived, what wonderful parents you will have little one, you hit the jackpot…

No fills no flowing fabric just a precious bump and 2 people with warm hearts and to me this images below is an absolute winner



This image is by far one of my all time favourites, the rustic feminine, floral.

Yellow and purple are becoming my new colours to shoot with because it just looks to good and as for this little girl she is a rock star she is the cutest baby girl and has the

best chubby cheeks you just want to kiss.

Big thanks Adi McAva Props for this amazing vintage basket I can see Im going to have to hide this prop after a while as I may use it every session lol.



This little tush up shot totally melts my heart and look at how perfect she poses its just like she is a super model I really could have photographer her all day.

Just as a heads up to those that are booking feeding the baby before the session will always help the baby to be far more settled. My photography studio is at Castle Hill in the Hills District, North West of Sydney this is really

about a 35min Drive from CBD. The studio is set up 100% for newborn and maternity photography so if you have had a hard few days with the welcoming of a new baby then coming into the studio will be a breath of fresh air, time for you to

enjoy your new bundle without having to worry about getting them to sleep as Ill do all this for you.

wow how can a family be so lucky to have 2 beautiful little girls I was so lucky to photograph big sister when she was a newborn and she was just amazing as her new little sisters. Dont these 2 just melt your heart.


Big sisters new baby sister and she is super proud to be holding her how cute.

Hills District Newborn Photographer – Life Cycle Images images by Nicole Druce, 2018


This new little family just melt my heart. I love how this big brother holds his new little brother with so much care and love, it really melts my heart.

If you ever ask the question why get newborn photos?

Then this is why… Just look through these images and you will see how capturing your children and there love it the best felling your will ever get.

Knowing that I can capture these moments and knowing that this will never be forgotten by their parentsĀ  is the best feeling.

As a mother of 18 year old and 16 yo twins I more than anyone know how easy it is to forgetĀ  how small they are and the only times I remember the most now are those Ive capture in photos, thankfully i do have many now…

If you are wanting to book in your newborn session its a good time to do when pregnant that why you will be sure you dont miss out on a spot.

I have a beautiful studio in Castle Hill is design for newborn and maternity photography. I do specialise in newborn photography so when you book all my energy goes into your session and your session only on that day I do not multiple

book sessions its really important that my images are perfect so you are get high quality work.

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