Oh My…. Look at this little dream boat.

This is my Premium Cake Smash Session.

This little girl will just knock your socks off with her little face.

She plays up to the camera like a super model and totally rocked this gorgeous little outfit from Mia Joy Studios.

Her little looks and pretty little smiles will without a doubt melt your heart.

Its no suprise to everyone how much I love newborn sessions but what I love just as much is being able to get them back into my studio 6-7months

later and see how they have grown into little people with little personalities that make me laugh so hard I could cry.

This little girl was a bit shy at first but that didn’t last long her inquisitive smile pulled my heart string then her cheeks little face melted my heart.

This session is made up of 3 parts a Portrait section, Cake Smash section, then a Bath Time section.

After I captured some beautiful images it was time to cut the cake or should a say demolish the cake.

With little finger poking around soon lead to hand full of cake icing and cream all over. With a face full of icing and hands toes and cheeks full of sugar icing

this little girl loved every minute. Her Cake was nearly bigger then her but that wasn’t going to intimidate this little fire cracker she was on a mission to smash crash and eat this cake.

So after being covered in Cake from head to toe it was time to clean up.

Bath time is so much fun. I love love love babies in the bath with their wet little eyelashes, shiny little faces and smelly so squeaky clean, it really does want to make me squeeze them.

I was luck to be able to capture this for this family I know they will beautiful images forever to remember their beautiful little girl exactly and all her quirky little looks and

behaves always come out in a session like this  because their is so much for them to do and react to. If you have any enquiries at all about these sessions please contact me via my contact form. The link

is in the menu bar at the top of my page. Or email me nicole@lifecycleimages.com

Sydney Portrait Photography.

Sydney Baby Photography.  Nicole at Life Cycle Images- photography

Sydney Toddler Photography. Photographer is Nicole at Life Cycle Images.

Sydney Cake Smash Photography.

Sydney Creative Bath Time Photography. Life Cycle Images- photography



Ive had the privilege to capture so many of their wonderful events in their life.

Ive watched this couple grow into such a beautiful family their first session was a maternity session,

then their first born baby girl which was around 5 years go. This session was one of my easiest sessions ever

I was able to capture some amazing newborn photos of this little girl and she stole my heart that very first day.

We followed up with her amazing Christening which was not only a wonderful day for the family but a great day for me

I met all the extended family that took the time to know me and I fell in love with everyone.

Then the 1st born son arrive I have to say I felt a tone of pressure knowing how amazing first bubs photos were and how

good she was I just wasn’t sure if I was gong to be able to get the family a session with such advanced shots.

Before this little guys session I was chatting to mum and before I even brought up my concern she mentioned to me ” Im not sure if he will be as good as our princess”.

Straight away I was relived knowing she was realistic mum knew how good her little girl was and that producing difficult images again of her son might be asking a lot. I knew

then and their why I loved this family so much, they are just kind people. I really do believe good things come to good people and sure enough

their little man was a dream to work with her posed like a Kelvin Klein model and I was able to capture every shot dad wanted.

SO with cake smash session and more maternity sessions in the mix of all this as well that then leads us to No. 3 this gorgeous little princess.

This newborn session had a lot to live up to and once again we nailed it this little girl was sublime and I was able to capture her beauty along with her big sister and brother.

I really love working with this family and its been a career  highlight meeting them and not only are they client but friends, Im not sure if their will be any more little ones, I can only hope but if their is

not I have to say THANKS YOU Ann Marie and Roger for allowing me to capture all these amazing photos and having me in your life. Ive loved watching your family grow and I hope I get to see more of you in the future.

You both have many wonderful family years ahead that will fly by so Im happy I get to capture these moments for you to stay in your memory forever.



Maternity photos, Pregnancy Photos, Sydney Maternity Photography, Sydney Pregnancy Photographer,

Maternity photos, Pregnancy Photos, Sydney Maternity Photography, Sydney Pregnancy Photographer,



Im always thankful, flattered and privilege to have so many clients wanting to capture their newborn baby photos.

So when Im asked by another photographer to capture hers I have to say it very humbling.

As a photographer in a industry thats creative and ever changing I really dont think you ever master it

you get better at what you do but you do develop everyday and session. So we tend to be our own worse critic which is never a bad thing becasue from this

it has without a doubt made me a much better photographer. So when Im asked to photographer another photographers baby it really does give you a

feel good feeling.

I 1st meet Michelle from Michelle Hamze Photographer at her maternity



Looooove my maternity sessions. I have to say a women is never more beautiful then when she is pregnant, Im not sure if its the glow of excitement

or the fact the she can amazingly grow a little being inside her but whatever it is, its not hard to capture true beauty.

The lovely Fiona was such a joy to work with. When she booked she was quite sure she wanted to include her little puppy dog. Gahhhh this little pooch

is to die for soooo tiny and cute and very well mannered he nearly convert me to being a pet photographer ;-).

So we started with the bold red it was a request of Fiona’s as its a lucky colour and China, this colour was lucky because she looked absolutely radiant in it, since this session

I have used the red every Maternity session I think Im addicted to it.

Once our red garment shots were done I moved onto some gorgeous backlighting with the soft lace and flowers I really do love shooting

like this I think it really capture how a mum to be looks when she is pregnant so soft and pure…

Maternity Photography is captured in between 23-26 weeks this is when mums to be tend to look their best, they are not to big or small and

dont tend to carry to much fluid. Any time after the 36 weeks the session can be done however its quite trying.

I like to book all my maternity sessions is so please book as early as possible.  I do try and remind women that pregnancy it one of the most life changing experiences that

a women can go through and how you look is forgotten so make sure you capture it or you will regret it, its a change that will never leave your heart and you will always want to remember.

I really couldn’t wait for this newborn baby to be born I absolutely love my asian babies.

This gorgeous lace top is from AR Bacdrops it just more than stunning..

This little puppy really does just melt my heart I want him 

Back Poncho by Drops and Props